Dimlux Maxi Controller

Product Name: Dimlux Maxi Controller

When Dimlux is controlled by the Maxi Controller this ballast has no inrush power. A normal inrush current varies from 50 to 160 amps per digital ballast. In newer digital ballasts with soft start technology the inrush reduces to 50 to 60 apmere. This is still a considerable amount of power multiplied by the number of ballasts. The Dimlux through the Maxi Controller will be switched to the desired output and be ranging from 35 to 100%.

- The Dimlux can be combined with the Maxi Controller directly into a wall outlet without using relays, timing devices and timer. This saves costs.
- The Maxi Controller allows the output to suit the temperature of the room. When exceeding a preset temperature, the lights are automatically dimmed.
- All DimLuxen can be operated with a Maxi Controller, so all the lights are dimmed simultaneously. This is especially easy for new plantings. The light output can be for example every day with 10% inflated.
- On a Maxi Controller up to 64 DimLuxes can be connected.
- With the Maxi Controller you can see the sun rise and fall simulate.

The Dimlux Maxi Controller is expandable with the Dimlux CO2 sensor and the BioGreen CO2 generator.



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