Opticlimate 15000 Pro 3 (24x600W / 35x400W)

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Product Name: Opticlimate 15000 Pro 3
Suitable for: 24x600W / 35x400W
Dimensions: 1230 x 810 x 545mm
Weight: 120kg
Water consumption: 5 to 9 liters per minute (depending on cooling water temperature)
Power: 230V
Connection: 3 Phase 5x2,5mm² + D20-3F Automates
Heaters: 3x2000W

If only the Netherlands, we now have a showroom where Opticlimate and ECG Dimlux already working to see, where you as a customer are welcome to come visit by appointment. Also here are also given seminars with all the information on this equipment. Besides these brands, we have a very wide range of peripheral products for the complete advantage of the focus areas, and meeting needs in this field.

The OptiClimate water-cooled air conditioner is a new solution for the indoor climate control. The OptiClimate can circulate, cooling, heating, dehumidifying, and filtering. There is over 5 years of development and testing in the OptiClimate.This has resulted in a fully developed and optimized product with which the climate to perfection to settle, with the lowest possible power consumption.

The OptiClimate cools the air using water as the cooling medium and heat through
ceramic heaters. Because water is a much better cooling medium is
then air is here in relatively little of need. The OptiClimate has a
water-in-and output. The input is connected to the potable water supply.
The drainage is connected to the sewer with a branch to any one
water or nutrient. The cold water is used to the air
Cooling with the result that it warms to 40-50 ° C. This hot water is
discharged through the sewer or can be used for other purposes, such as underfloor heating in your room.

The supplied remote is also a comprehensive controller that
all processes run automatically and to follow. After the
remote single set of minimum temperature (night)
maximum temperature (day) and times will OptiClimate depending on the
night or the daytime heating or cooling. The preset temperatures
are not exceeded.

During the daytime (cooling) OptiClimate dehumidifies the air. If the
may also be desirable OptiClimate dehumidification in the night so that
then the humidity is optimal.

There is a OptiClimate of 6kW 600W 10 * (15 * 400W), 10kW 16 * 600W
(24 * 400W) 600W and 15kW 24 * (35 * 400W) cooling. There may be multiple
OptiClimates be placed in a room according to the need for
cooling. The maximum capacity is indicated, there can at all times
less to be cooled.

By the use of over-sized heat exchangers and the water as a
cooling medium is a very high efficiency and hence low power consumption

On a normal house water connection can be 45 to 60kW of cooling units are
connected. The double at a 12/12 system.

Advantages compared to conventional ventilation OptiClimate

Perfect climate in summer and winter, you are no longer dependent
the outside temperature. In the attic rooms or rooms with flat roofs are ideal even with a heat wave brought temperatures.

The OptiClimate is a very quiet machine, outside the room is almost inaudible.

The OptiClimate creates optimal air distribution in space so that a
uniform temperature is created.

Each cycle can be very good constant breeding results are achieved because the temperatures can be set to your ideals and continually maintained.

Normally the irrigation and nutrition (EC) as adjusted
colder or warmer. This is often difficult for a breeder. Because the
Now environment remains the same in each cycle, the irrigation and nutritional requirements,
provided that the other external variables have remained constant (cuttings, food,
additions and light intensity), almost the same every time. There may be
therefore more attention to the optimal irrigation and
nutritional needs.

By the use of water as a cooling medium, it is no longer necessary large
amounts of air to suck warm air from blowing. The advantages
these are:

* For the blow out, use can be made of existing
holes in space (discharge toilet, shower, boiler, etc). This makes the
installation a lot easier, does not require any major
structural measures should be taken.

* The space, if properly insulated, is invisible to heat
cameras. You can insulate a room so well and hanging full of
anti detection foil but as usual you will always
get a hotspot on the spot where you go out blows.

* No cold trap through the inlet of cold air.

* By not blowing out hot sweltering stale air
the painter, facade cleaning, etc. will not be alarmed.

* It is not necessary continuous windows ajar to have.

* Places where it was not possible to grow due limited
air outlet, this is now possible.

* Due to the water cooling and built reusable lightweight
carbon are not large extractors and carbon filters needed.
A carbon filter with small extractor is sufficient for the pressure and adequate supply of CO2. In general, a change of 4.6 times the volume of the space per hour is sufficient, can always be greater.

* Less maintenance because there are fewer and / or smaller carbon filters work
is. This saves a lot of work, and transportation costs.

* No longer needed because the stoves OptiClimate this function built it.

* Through the settings of the remote control the humidity with
particularly in the initial phase managed in a controlled.

* Because in a substantially closed space is less likely to be worked
bringing in fungi, bacteria, vermin and dust through the inlet.

* The condensate can be used to your nutrient tank filling, this
contains no water supply and the EC will therefore 0.0 mS / cm. You can
cultures with water without any ballast substances (chlorine, sodium etc.), the
root pressure will be lower because you can work with lower EC values. This
Water is therefore substantially equal to a duration and osmosis of water, and
maintenance sensitive Osmosis Filter is therefore no longer necessary.

* The condensate can also be used to a humidifier
filling, this will be less rapid fouling.

Always hot water at your disposal which can be used for
For example, your food or water to be heated by the ground here
hose through it and bringing the water to flow through it.
As a result, additional heating unnecessary.

In a 12/12 system is the efficient OptiClimate by the warm waters of
day of the space to be used as a heating space for the night, and there is therefore
no heating longer necessary.

Because of the flat design, it is possible to OptiClimate high up in the space
be hung so that no space is lost.

Other uses of the Opticlimate

The OptiClimate can also be added to existing situations in order to
cooling with cooling problems such as during hot days.

If there is still room to expand but no possibility of an extra
exhaust air can be placed at the OptiClimate.

The OptiClimate can also be used for the outgoing air to be cooled to normal room temperatures to detection by means of heat cameras, to avoid.

Key benefits OptiClimate compared to a split system air conditioning (separate
indoor and outdoor unit)

* Higher efficiency by the use of water as the cooling medium instead of air.

* A split air conditioning system is not cooling, heating and dehumidification in a program.

* The entire cooling system is made up of a totally separate so no loose parts.This has the following advantages:

- Easy installation
- No noisy outdoor unit that runs every day, even in winter
- No cold technical (STEK) technician
- No soldering post

Key benefits OptiClimate compared to a system with a cooling coil (radiator where cool water flows)

The OptiClimate is a fully automatic system that circulates the air, cools
heats, dehumidifies and filters. The temperature is controlled by means of
modulation, this ensures a constant temperature.
A cooling coil may be nothing, here is an entire installation
are purchased in order to be able to cool. The installation works on / off base
The temperature and humidity will, therefore, far from constant.
A cooling coil is dependent on the supplied cooling water temperature. A
cooling battery is calculated on a cooling water temperature of 6 ° C. In summer
the hot water 20 ° C, allows a space to the cooling of 26-28 ° C is, therefore,
impossible. You must still lights off.
The amount of water a cool battery is huge, in summer up to
8-10 times higher than the OptiClimate. Due to the enormous consumption of water, the
lines usually buzzing. By turning off the cooling coil caused
intense pressure waves in the water pipes are heard. A supplier of
cooling coils will never have the guarantee that it is on tap water in the summer
works perfectly, we give this guarantee with a OptiClimate though.
With the use of tap water is a cooling battery is therefore not suited.

Benefits of growing with CO ² with Opticlimate

* Breeding CO2 has never been so easy and cheap.

* The purchase of a CO 2 generator, and the consumption thereof can be reduced to 1/5th, respectively, and 1/20th of a traditional system, depending on the size of the space.

* No expensive water cooled CO2 generator anymore.

* Because there is very little air is extracted, it is sufficient with the least
(Cheapest) CO2 generators. With conventional systems, the current is
namely the largest percentage of CO2 immediately sucked out (water
contribute to the sea). Almost all the CO2 is used by plants instead of this
to the outside pump.

* Because the CO2 is circulated in the area creating a more even distribution of CO2 and a constant value (no more peak values).

Benefits CO2 Breeding

- The growth of up to 2 weeks shorter, shorter cycle.
- Plants in 25 liter pots directly into flowering.
- Crops store better.
- Increased yield of at least 20%. Returns of 40% have been achieved.

Photos thermal camera outlet (hotspot)

At first glance, there is nothing in the image, however, there is behind one of
this hot air blown out windows.


Photo Normal

The photo taken with the camera lets heat, however, clearly see which window
it goes. Even if the windows are insulated, the hot air through the opening
blown remains visible.


Photo with thermo function

Example for cooling 10 * 600W illumination:


Normal system: 5000m3 / h 2500m3 blast + / h
supply air = 450 W = 1400W 950W power consumption.
Opticlimate 6000pro: 6kW cooling capacity = 1550W power.


Recommended quiet yet powerful blast combined with excess capacity to 25m ³


1 * MDF Box 1000m ³
1 * Phresh Filter 1000m ³
1 * Balance control to the lowest position, effective discharge than + /-400m3
The inlet is passive, by also placing a carbon filter to be
fungi, parasites and dust kept out.


Other information


The OptiClimate comes in a box and has the size of a small refrigerator, and stands on a pallet so easy to load.


Large clear display on the remote where all functions and settings can be read clearly.


Includes manometer to the pressure of the cooling system to read. Professional robust performance of thick durable coated steel and high quality components.


Fireproof! Because all electrical components and connections in the steel casing fire is virtually eliminated. A removable super lightweight fabric carbon filter ensures that the internal components dust free and the odor concentration is lower. Mold spores are by this filter also from the filtered air. This filter also contributes to a quieter unit operation because
wind noise is absorbed by this filter. The optional short silencer on the exhaust side for an even quieter operation.
In Opticlimate A brand compressors are processed.


The temperature of the tap water has been wound up in the winter, the 8 ° C in the summer, and completes 20 ° C. The consumption for DHW will be lower in winter and in summer it is higher.


Necessary additional provision on the switchboard:


Important: On the switchboard, a temperature protection to get the lights off when the preset maximum temperature is exceeded. This is a security if the unit is not working.


The OptiClimate comes with:


The controller lets you set everything:


In Opticlimate is a flexible super lightweight carbon of the most advanced type of coal that is currently made. The surface area (m2 / g) of this type of carbon is at least 500 times larger than for conventional carbon granules. This filter is a very important part of the system and serves to too high a concentration to prevent odor. This is necessary to the life and smooth operation of the exhaust filter is to waarborgen.Dit hergenereerbaar to 3X.




Isolator rubbers, which are vibration dampers for vibration isolating units from contact. These are among the points of attachment of the units mounted.


Optional to provide:


Connection 1 for tap water consisting of a brass solenoid valve, control valve and 16mm tylene links.


Connection 2 for open water (ditch, canal etc) consisting of a closed heat exchanger system with glycol fill and pump. Silencer for the discharge side of the unit, this will greatly reduce wind noise.

Isolation springs

Super isolator springs (vibration dampers for a more quiet room). These dampers are exactly calculated on the weight of the unit and provide nearly 100% contact insulation. This isolation value will work with other solutions from a hardware store never met.


Anti vibration plates (damping plates for quiet room), this special plates can on the flat panels of the unit to also be pasted radiated noise to the minimum. The sheets are self adhesive.


Water hammer damper to the sounds (pressure waves) from the water connection to mute the on and off the brass solenoid valve. This is directly in front of the entrance of the solenoid valve is connected.


Condensate lift pump of high quality. Head up to 4 meters. Connection PVC hose 7/4mm. This pump is needed if the unit is lower as the drain and the condensation water can not by culling away streams.


Additional loose temperature sensor near the crop can hang. The unit will now be controlled at the temperature at the crop.

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