• Opticlimate 15000 Pro 3 Split Unit

    Opticlimate 15000 Pro 3 Split Unit

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    Product Name : Opticlimate 15000 Pro 3 Split Unit
    Cooling Capacity: 15KW
    Dimensions : 1230MM x 810MM x 545MM
    Weight: 150kg
    Water : N.A.
    Voltage: 400V
    Connection: Phase 1 3x2 , 5 mm ² + D16 -1F Automatic
    Heaters : 3x2700W

    Uniquely in the Netherlands, we have a showroom where Opticlimate and Dimlux ballast already working to see, where you are welcome as a customer hope to come open by appointment In addition to these, we have a very wide range of peripheral products for completing the spaces to organize and supply activities in this field. To make your greenhouses fully climnate proof, there are much additions available which will make sure that your efficiency will be optimal.
    The Split Unit version Opticlimate is the ideal solution for locations where water may be a bottleneck. By means of the external unit outside of the warm air is optimally cooled, without the use of water. Through cooling coils hot air is sent to the outdoor unit and cooled returned.

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