Opticlimate 6000 Pro 4 (6KW Cooling Capacity)

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Product Name: Opticlimate 6000 Pro 4
Dimensions: 990 x 630 x 505mm
Weight: 80kg
Water consumption: 2 to 4 liters per minute (depending on cool water temperature)
Voltage: 230V
Connection: Phase 1 + 3x4 mm² D20-1F Machines or Phase 3 + 5x2.5mm² on a C-16 Machine
Heaters: 3x1500W

The Opticlimate PRO 4 is specially designed to be even more efficient to improve your indoor climate. It is now possible to dehumidify with less water and power and remove even more moisture from the air. The Opticlimate PRO 4 can also dehumidify during the day perdiode and remain at the set temperature, the heat will not be released into the water, but added back to the cold air. This ensures that the Opticlimate PRO 4 does not consume water, and that the climate remains stable. In the night time, the Opticlimate also cools the air to be able to dehumidify so, the extracted heat is, however, re-added to the cold air, so that no water is being consumed. Since the warm air is re-used are also the heating elements unnecessary, in order to achieve the desired dehumidification. Of course there are heating elements in the Opticlimate PRO 4, to ensure the desired temperatures. However, the efficiency does not change the maximum water consumption per minute and the maximum power. The water and power take off because they both are addressed less frequently, so every day there will be less consumed.

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